The Constant Drone

Set in the kitchen of a house in the suburbs of a city built around a large generator, The Constant Drone examines our relationship to silence, time, apocalypse and waiting. The Drone, an ever present hum created by The Generator, guards the characters from their fear of silence. But as the volume decreases, chaotic unrest draws ever closer.

“An extraordinary piece- inventive and sustained, with echoes of all kinds of things (Beckett, Heathcote Williams, Materlinck, Churchill) and a constantly sharp and witty playfulness about language and the real that it is referencing. A comic-poetic distortion of now.” – Professor Graham White

The Constant Drone performed at The Space @ PRSC from 22nd-24th November.

Written and Directed by Nick Fogarty

Production and Assistant Direction by Summer O’Brien

Sound Design by Joe Hill

Set Design by Cal McCutcheon

Graphic Design by Dan Covill


Elliot Warren

Keziah Spaine

Tony Mohammad

George Mesure

John Jones

Julia Vita